Sunday, October 7, 2012

Below is a post on Yahoo Answers and 2 videos from youtube about the child molestation allowed to continue in the Jehovahs Witness organization.

This is something so rampant in our society it seems to be in every facet of it. Religious organizations, Schools, Home, Boy Scouts etc. It must be brought out in the open and not suppressed.

Jehovahs Witnesses require 2 eye witnesses to the offense in addition to the accuser. So unless a child is molested with an audience there is no action taken.
From the BBC
From CNN

Have seen it ?Jehovah's Witnesses Watchtower ( send secret letter to local elders about child abuse?

More secretive instructions from the watchtower corp regarding their growing fear of being sued out of existence for their policies .

What do you think of this letter? Dated Oct 1st 2012

Its being discussed here

Additional Details

The very fact that the Governing Body can no longer release letters in privacy shows that any claims that their organization enjoys the support of God’s spirit are entirely unfounded.